1. salt, clay elixir bar

A mildly salted charcoal callus bar — not as “salty” as our regular Brine elixir and with added sand from a natural hot spring I visited in the Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho. To be used directly on your calluses but lather with your hands instead if used as a body bar.

2. java, dead sea salt scrub

Yes, the good ol’ coffee scrub. But these aren’t just any beans. A friend sent me these from her local farm just outside of Ho Chi Minh city as a surprise this month and I’ve grounded some for our shower along with some Anise.

3. serene, essential oil soy candle

Made with Tea Tree, Peppermint and Lavender oils, this blend adds some refreshment to your warm summer nights.

4. artemisia, responsibly wildcrafted

During one of my hikes last month, I found a field of artemisia and thought it’d be great to make some incense bundles for us. Using Artemisia as incense is helpful for for a good night's sleep. It's known in Japanese traditions for its warming and calming effects.