1. brute, clay elixir bar

This is a simple but potent bar of our two favorite detoxifying agents together – Moroccan red clay and Activated charcoal. Made primarily with yarrow-infused Cocoa butter.

2. breathe, dead sea salt scrub

Breathe in while you scrub yourself down with some Lemongrass, grown and ground in-house. Jar is good for 2-3 uses.

3. grove, essential oil soy candle

Stay uplifted with this citrus blend I’ve been scenting my apartment with. It reminds me (and hopefully, you!) of being outdoors while being quarantined inside :)

4. eiju, curated item

These incense sticks are made with fragrant aloeswood of Eiju. It’s scent can be used to ground oneself in meditation or a state of rest. I’m in the process of getting these imported from Japan and into our store soon!