What is Clay Soap, and Why is it Good for Your Skin?

Clay has long been used in skincare as a natural and effective ingredient to gently cleanse your skin and remove oil and excess dirt deep within your pores. It's a versatile ingredient that can easily be mixed with other natural ingredients to maximize the benefits for your skin. 

Adding clay to soaps can provide your skin with so many benefits beyond gentle cleansing. The minerals within the clay can rejuvenate your skin, revealing a healthy and radiant glow. Let's go into what clay soap is and why you should add clay soap to your skincare routine. 

What Exactly is Clay?

There are quite a few different types of clay that have been used in many beauty products through the years. Bentonite, Kaolin, and Rose clay are some common clay types you might see in ingredient lists and are extracted from rich mineral clay deposits worldwide. 

Clay is found near the earth's surface and is created by a chemical reaction of soil and weathering rocks as they encounter air, steam, and water. It can be found in the mountains or extracted from volcanic ash or any number of unique locations. Clay is an incredible natural ingredient used in soaps and skincare products and provides extraordinary benefits and detoxifying attributes.

 The clays that beautifully color our soap also play an essential role in neutralizing negatively charged ions. Every day toxins, such as free radicals and heavy metals, are attracted and bound through the clay’s electrical charges before being washed off, leaving our skin purified.

Benefits of Clay Soaps

There's a reason clay continues to be used in soaps and skincare products for so long. It can do wonders for all skin types. Benefits of using clays in soaps include 

Draws Out Impurities – Our skin collects dirt, grime, and even pollutants in the air as we go about our days. Clay soap helps detoxify your skin by cleansing deep within your pores and drawing all the impurities collected throughout the day. 

Reduces Excess Oils – Oily skin can be tough to control. Clays like Kaolin and Bentonite help remove excess sebum and reduce the oil buildup on your skin. It can also help reduce and prevent acne breakouts. 

Gently Exfoliates – Clays contain super fine minerals from the earth that gently exfoliate and help remove dead skin cells to reveal radiant skin. Removing dead skin cells can help boost your skin's elasticity and collagen production, giving you a youthful glow. 

Rich in Minerals – The clay used in soaps are derived from mineral-rich deposits worldwide. The minerals provide substantial health benefits for your skin to aid in drawing out the impurities, stimulate cell growth, and provide you with healthier skin.  

Good for The Environment - Because clay comes from the earth, it is naturally biodegradable, won't create any harmful waste, and leaves no negative impacts on the earth. 

While soap can be cleansing, standard soaps are known to dry out the skin and can be bad for the environment. Even Keel Soaps are made with natural earth clays and pure essential oils, allowing you to rejuvenate and nourish your skin without impacting the environment.

The purifying formula can be used on your entire body and is gentle enough to use on your delicate face. Your skin will be left feeling luxurious, healthy, and silky clean.  

Even Keel soaps are vegan and made with all-natural biodegradable ingredients. You can feel good about choosing Even Keel. Shop our collection of biodegradable soap bars here.

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