Why Add a Bath Fizzy to Your Bath Time Routine

At the end of a rough day, or in anticipation of a long week, taking a relaxing bath can be just the thing to help you refresh, relax, and reinvigorate your spirit. You grab your favorite book, light some candles to set the ambiance, and consider your bath accompaniments. Adding bath fizzies can enhance your bath time experience, soothe your skin, and relax your mind. What makes bath fizzies the perfect addition to any bath or shower, and how are they different from bath bombs?

Is There a Difference Between Bath Bombs and Bath Fizzies?

In many self-care routines, you often hear more about bath bombs than bath fizzies. They are small, packed spheres, cubes, or tablets that dissolve rapidly in water. Many add color or a creative experience, and others are advertised to help relax and refresh the skin. Often bath bombs and bath fizzies are used interchangeably, and they both strive to enhance the bathing experience. But bath bombs tend to be made with more synthetic ingredients than a quality bath fizzy.

Bath bombs can be fun, creative, and colorful and have the potential to provide nourishment for your skin. Many include oils that can moisturize the skin. Bath Bombs tend to focus more on aesthetics and creativity to capture the attention of people looking for something unique and fun to add to their bath time.

The downside to bath bombs is they can include a lot of ingredients that can be irritating, such as fragrances, dyes, glitters, and chemicals that create the fizzing and bubbles of the traditional bath bomb. More often than not, even if they do contain oils, they can cause more irritation. Traditional bath bombs are more for the aesthetic and may not provide any real benefits.

Benefits of Even Keel Bath Fizzies

Instead of choosing bath bombs, all-natural bath fizzies can be used in both the bath and the shower to create a relaxing experience. All-natural bath fizzies can be a better alternative to many bath bombs available today.

Even Keel bath fizzies are made with five simple, vegan, clean ingredients. They are packed with essential oils, raw cocoa butter, and clays extracted from the earth that detoxifies and invigorates your skin. The fizz is created by food-safe citric acid and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to create a natural fizz without any of the chemicals.

Your water will run clear, giving your peace of mind knowing your bath is free of harmful and harsh chemicals. The aromatherapy created by the essential oils creates a relaxing experience that can help you wind down after a rough day.

Adding a bath fizzy to your shower or bath can elevate your bath time and relaxation experience. You can enjoy a therapeutic atmosphere while nourishing and detoxifying your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. Ready to enhance your bath time? Shop our collection of Even Keel Bath Fizzy sets today.

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